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  • Alien Invasion (inflatable)


    Blast the aliens with the Cannonball Air Cannon. Protect Mother Earth! Two people play at a time using the blasters to launch Nerf type foam balls into the game. It?s much easier said than done!

  • Conk the Crow


    Knock the crows off the fence by throwing bean bags at them.

  • Cornhole


    Cornhole or bean bag toss is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point

  • Cow Milking Contest


    The Cow Milking Contest Game Rental is loads of fun for everyone. Take turns milking a cow timed with a stop watch. Whoever gets the most milk (water with white coloring) into the bucket wins.

  • Electronic Basketball


    1on1 Electronic Basketball is a race against the clock that can be played by one person or by two in a 1 on 1 competition. The clock counts down the time, as the score is kept on the bright, LED scoreboard

  • Fourth and Goal (inflatable)


    * It’s 4TH down and goal to go. Can you make the winning throw? 12′ W x 12′ L x 7’11” H (75 lbs.) (2 FOOTBALL’S) *** REQUIRES 2 PEOPLE

  • Froggy Fly Fling


    Pound the catapult and the plastic insect flys into the frogs mouth. Great for kids of all ages.

  • Furious Fowl


    Using a ?stomp launcher?, the participant tries to launch an Angry Bird into an opening on the back drop. Good for all ages.

  • Giraffe Kiddie Striker


    Pound the catapult and a weight pops up and hits the bell (rings every time).

  • Golf Challenge


    Hit the velcro golf ball, it sticks to the green. For older kids (requires some physical strength to handle iron).

  • Hoops 2 Basketball (Inflatable)


    Side by Side version of the Hoops Game. Rid your side of the balls!

  • Knock it off (inflatable)


    You’ve never seen a toss game like this! The targets are actually “floating” on air! Take your best shot, try to knock down the mystical floating balls. This game is great for all ages – kids and adults. Accommodates 1-3 players.

  • Penguin Fish Fling


    Use little foot operated catapults to fling fish into the penguin’s mouths.

  • Quarterback Toss


    Throw small footballs through the hole in the receiver’s hands. Good for kids of all ages.

  • Zap the Zombies


    Zap the Zombies featuring creatures of the un-dead! Zap the Zombies uses a cross bow propel Velcro darts at the targets.